Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators

The Nitrogen & Oxygen Generation process is an extremely clean operation and the only 'raw material' is Air. On-site generators allow for an uninterrupted supply of gas with a high purity output. This means that you can produce gas where and when you need it, and in the exact quantity and quality you need.

National Gas Company offers nitrogen or oxygen generation, designed according to customer’s specifications and suitable even for higher capacity as well as extreme ambient conditions. The superior technology of our gas generators represents environment friendly, less maintenance, economic, flexible and reliable.

Benefits of Nitrogen Generator

• Much more economical compared to Liquid Nitrogen/ High pressure cylinder.
• Self-dependence for nitrogen which is one of the key elements of your production.
• Better control on purity of the gas which results in end used product quality commitment.
• Save time of Purchase/ Finance and operation on ordering liquid nitrogen/ high pressure cylinder.
• Avoid high risk for storing high pressure and high temperature gas at plant premises.

Product Ranges

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Production of Nitrogen or Oxygen from Compressed Air.
Applied for On‐Site Production of Nitrogen & Oxygen.
High Efficiency at High Product Purities.

Hollow‐Fibre Membranes

Production of Nitrogen from Compressed Air
Applied for On‐Site Production of Nitrogen
High Efficiency at Lower Product Purities


1. Safety: Low Operating Pressures, no Hazardous Storage.
2. Economy: No Distribution, Handling Cost & Low Operating Costs.
3. Premium Quality & High System Reliability: First Class Materials & Components.
4. Convenience: Automatic and Unattended Operation.
5. Guaranteed Nitrogen Quality: No Risk for Insufficient Nitrogen Purity
6. Compact: Easy to Transport and to Install.
7. Unique Flexibility: Unmatched System Lay-Out Flexibility.
8. Modularity: System upgrade in the future by just adding banks on the existing one.


◎ Largest LPG storage in the Sultanate of Oman - 2600 MT
◎ Largest fleet of LPG tankers and bobtails in the Sultanate of Oman - 22 LPG tankers and 10 LPG bobtails
◎ ISO Certifications: 9001 – 2015, 14001 – 2015, 18000 - 2007
◎ First ever SNG system commissioning in GCC

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