HP Lubricants

National Gas Company offers HP Lubricants – “Power to Perform” from one of the world’s largest Lube Marketers, HPCL. HPCL owns one of the largest Lube Base Oil Refineries with production meeting international standards. Along with multiple blending plants supported by world class R&D, HPCL has been manufacturing more than 450 grades of lubricants, greases and specialties through continuous upgradation and innovation.

The automotive and industrial oils and greases cater to sectors across industries including Transport, Railways, Manufacturing, Mining, Shipping, Agriculture, Power etc. covering a wide variety of applications. The robust technical services department and a highly focused Lubes Strategic Business unit continuously endeavors meeting customer demands with a wide range of best in class quality products and services.



◎ From Lulu to Muscat Bakery. From Mumtaz Mehal to Shakespear Restaurant, everyone is using D-Cylinder
◎ More than 100 customers in Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa & Izki.
◎ Safest LPG Cylinder in Oman. Pay for what you use.
◎ D cylinders also eliminate manual cylinder handling and potential leakage from hoses thereby improving the work safety environment considerably.

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