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National Gas has sought to reinvent itself from being purely a LPG bottling company in Oman to an innovative energy solution provider with cross regional presence. In the last five years NGC has not only ventured out of its traditional domestic cylinder business to span bulk gas supply and engineering , but also has leveraged its expertise gained in the Omani market to strengthen its foothold in new markets in the GCC and South East Asian countries.

We serve industries from Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, Construction, Metal Processing, Asphalt, to medium and large scale catering companies, halwa factories, hotels and other commercial entities.

Bulk LPG Supply

Bulk LPG Supply all over the Sultanate to various industries including Glass, Construction, Metal processing, Plastic, Ceramic etc.

LPG Installation

From designing to installing, comissioning and testing the LPG installations, National Gas Company is a reliable name in the GCC specially the Sultanate of Oman.

LPG Engineering

Providing innovative solutions such as Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) and consulting in fuel conversions from Diesel to LPG, National Gas is one stop solution provider.

Industrial Gases

Providing the safest metal cutting gas (NC+) as compared to DA as well as providing Commercial Propane for PWHT and stress relief operations.

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