Fuel Conversion

LPG is a versatile fuel that is ideally and widely used in many industrial applications and production processes. These include space, process and water heating, metal processing, drying, food production, petrochemical production as well as powering industrial ovens, kilns and furnaces amongst others.

Since LPG produces less amount of CO2 as compared to Diesel, National Gas promotes the industrial usage of LPG and we are expert in converting industries, which are already using Diesel, to use LPG. Millions of businesses, from large industries to restaurants to hotels, independent small professionals and contractors, rely on LPG as an energy source for numerous applications.

Why is LPG preferred?

Clean Burn: LPG burns very efficiently, with very low combustion emissions, hence no carbon deposits on burner and boiler internals; clean Flue gas emission.

No Spillage/ No Fumes: Housekeeping is excellent since unlike Diesel, LPG does not stain floors and create noxious fumes. This is especially critical for food industries such as Dairies, Chocolate and Biscuit manufacturers and Hotels.

No Pilferage: Since LP Gas is stored in a pressurized vessel and utilized vide a closed system, there is no scope for pilferage.

Higher Efficiency: Due to complete combustion, LPG does not leave deposits on heat exchange surfaces, thereby providing higher efficiency of combustion and heat transfer compared to Diesel.

Carbon dioxide Release Per Btu (Kg CO2 per million btu)

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) footprint of LPG is relatively small compared to other fuels in terms of total emissions and emissions per unit of energy consumed. LPG has the lowest on-site emission rate of the major energy sources, with the exception of natural gas. In terms of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions, LPG produces significantly lower emissions than gasoline, diesel, and electricity on a per Btu basis.

Energy Produced By Different Fuels

LPG: 46 MJ/kg
Diesel: 37 MJ/liter
Coal (anthracite): 32 MJ/kg
Coal (lignite): 15 MJ/kg
Natural Gas: 37 MJ/m3
Electricity : 3.6 MJ/unit

Fuel Plan

Download and fill the Fuel Plan so that we can assist you in fuel conversion process:

Industries that can use LPG as a fuel

Some of the other industries include: Aerosol – Propellant, Additional Supply or Natural Gas Backup, Air Conditioning, Automotive Fuel, Cleaning, Cooling, Drying, Forklift trucks powering, Heating, Power/Electricity Generation, Refrigeration (R290), Singe and burn down, Waste management, Food Industry, Insect, Bug, Bird & Rodent Control, Steam Generation, Mining Industry, Paper Industry, Recycling & Textile Industry.


◎ Largest LPG storage in the Sultanate of Oman - 2600 MT
◎ Largest fleet of LPG tankers and bobtails in the Sultanate of Oman - 22 LPG tankers and 10 LPG bobtails
◎ ISO Certifications: 9001 – 2015, 14001 – 2015, 18000 - 2007
◎ First ever SNG system commissioning in GCC

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