LPG For Business

Portability allows LPG to be used in any location. LPG’s availability allows businesses in all corners of the world to develop using clean and safe energy.

LPG supports a wide range of industrial processes and services, notably where a high degree of precision and flexibility in process temperatures, as well as a strong flame, are required.

Millions of businesses, from large industries to restaurants to hotels, independent small professionals and contractors, rely on LPG as an energy source for numerous applications. It is the ideal fuel choice for businesses that are off the grid, not connected to the mains gas.

Versatile Fuel

It is a versatile fuel that is ideally and widely used in many industrial applications and production processes. These include space, process and water heating, metal processing, drying, food production, petrochemical production as well as powering industrial ovens, kilns and furnaces amongst others.

Whether it is used in refrigeration, in illuminating road signs, powering commercial kitchens in bars and restaurants or for various uses in the garden, for heating at outdoor worksites or with torches, burners and flamers by jewellers and contractors for soldering, welding and flame cutting, the LPG’s unique properties make it an exceptional energy for businesses.

Industries that can use LPG as a fuel

Some of the other industries include: Aerosol – Propellant, Additional Supply or Natural Gas Backup, Air Conditioning, Automotive Fuel, Cleaning, Cooling, Drying, Forklift trucks powering, Heating, Power/Electricity Generation, Refrigeration (R290), Singe and burn down, Waste management, Food Industry, Insect, Bug, Bird & Rodent Control, Steam Generation, Mining Industry, Paper Industry, Recycling & Textile Industry.

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