Commercial Propane

National Gas Company is a reliable Source for Commercial Grade Propane/ Industrial grade propane for applications such as Post Weld Heat Treatment, Stress Relief operations and other commercial & industrial applications requiring high heat value.

Propane Supply

National Gas Company offers supply of propane in both cylinders and in Bulk. Propane in cylinders is supplied in 44KG cylinders.

If the requirement of propane is high, we also supply propane in bulk quantity in our semi trailers equipped with safety equipment and vaporizers.

We can supply different ratios of commercial grade propane ranging from 60%, 70% up to 90%. If there is a specific requirement of propane we can match that.


◎ Largest LPG storage in the Sultanate of Oman - 2600 MT
◎ Largest fleet of LPG tankers and bobtails in the Sultanate of Oman - 22 LPG tankers and 10 LPG bobtails
◎ ISO Certifications: 9001 – 2015, 14001 – 2015, 18000 - 2007
◎ First ever SNG system commissioning in GCC

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