Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at National Gas is about doing our business in an ethical way, caring for our people, their families, the environment and the communities around us.

We benefit when our communities flourish, and our communities benefit when we prosper. Over the last three decades, we have invested in charitable, non-profit and community organizations. National Gas has supported programmes in education, health & safety, environment arts & culture. We do whatever it takes to make our communities a better place to live in.

CSR Programs

    Apart from participating in various sports and education-related programs, the company has conducted programs such as;

    “Safety Pays”: The “Safety Pays‟ campaign is an important part of National Gas ‟CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative which, will go a long way in inspiring and inculcating awareness among children who will carry these practices in their endeavors in life to become responsible citizens of the future.”

    “Plant a Book”: ‘Plant a Book’ is a thoughtful charity initiative taken by National Gas that pledges to enhance Company’s stance towards Corporate Social Responsibility. “Plant a Book” is a unique chance, to give back to the society by donating old books at Drop boxes, placed at strategic locations. The donated books are then resold at prominent places and the proceeds are donated for the cause of promoting awareness about Thalassemia. The cause behind this idea is extremely noble& the initiative is novel. National Gas periodically conducts a blood donation exercise whereby employees are encouraged to donate blood.

    We believe strongly in giving back to society in which we thrive, and take our role as an ethical and responsible organization very seriously.
For an organization to achieve brilliance and to set new standards there is a need to invest in infrastructure. National Gas’s commitment to be the leading energy player in the region has been largely possible due to its constant investment ..
With rising concern for global warming and quest for renewable fuels, it has been our endeavor to innovate on Eco-friendly and more fuel efficient products and services which not only helps our customers to utilize their current capabilities ..
It is said “A person gains expertise through years of hard work and learning” and in National Gas “Our greatest asset is our employee’s expertise” – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication ..
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