LPG Safety

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a safe, clean and convenient fuel; however it should be handled with care.

LPG vapor is heavier than air and in case of leakage it collects at low levels; therefore LPG cylinders should not be stored in cellars or pits.
LPG is stored in cylinders in liquid form and comes out of the cylinders in gaseous form. LPG liquid expands about 270 times to become gas – therefore cylinders should not be tilted or stored in the horizontal position to avoid any leakage from the valve.

Safety instructions for LPG Cylinder

  • When replacing an empty cylinder with a filled one, you should close the cylinder valve and shutoff the appliance and after that do the replacing process.
  • You should install the regulator and put a washer to prevent leakage.
  • Don't use force or over-tighten when installing.
  • Make sure that the cylinder is always kept vertically.
  • Don't expose the cylinder to sunlight or heat.
  • It is better to keep the cylinder outside the kitchen, away from the appliance (stove).
  • Don't smoke while installing the cylinder.
  • Don't keep the cylinder in a dark place or near flame.
  • Replace the hose in case of cracks.
  • Like other appliances, the stove needs regular care and maintenance.
  • Do not operate any electrical appliances during replacing process.
  • Cylinder replacing and installing to be completed properly, and ensure that there is no leakage.
  • Close the cylinder valve immediately after every use.
In case of leakage
If you smell gas, do the following
Open all doors/ windows fully.
Don't switch on the exhaust fan or the lights, don't turn on/ off any electrical appliances or switches it will cause huge risk.
Close the cylinder valve and switch off the regulator.
Turn off any cigarette or flame in the place.

Discovering LPG Leakage

  • Leakage can be discovered by a sponge or brush wet with soap solution.
  • Do not check for leakage with matches or naked flame, this could cause explosion in the cylinder.
  • In case of gas leakage, immediately close the cylinder valve and find place and reason of leakage, in this situation do not use the gas cylinder before it is repaired by an expert.
  • Use safety devices for gas because it helps in discovering the leakage and isolates the cylinder.
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