LPG Cylinders

National Gas offers LP Gas in cylinders from its well positioned bottling facilities and widespread and established network of distributors, who virtually cover almost every area of North Oman. Cylinders are available mainly in 22 kg and 44 kg sizes and to a lesser extent in 11 kg and as barbeque cylinders. LP Gas cylinders are used by domestic, commercial and small industrial consumers.

22 kg LP Gas cylinders are convenient to carry and store, and used mostly by households for cooking and water heating; while 44 kg cylinders are used by commercial establishments such as restaurants, labor camps, canteens, etc also for cooking, heating and similar applications.

The National Gas Edge

The cylinders are designed, manufactured and tested as per stringent local standards OS-120: 1986 or equivalent for the safety of our valued customers. Furthermore, to protect the interest of our consumers we periodically test these cylinders and ensure that only cylinders that are safe are supplied to consumers’ homes and business enterprises.

Our bottling plants have state of the art equipment and are manned by well-trained personnel, and no effort is spared to ensure that the correct quantity is filled in each and every cylinder that leaves our premises.

Each cylinder filled at National Gas bears our ‘Silver Seal’ of proven reliability and safety. Insist on our ‘Silver Seal’ and rest assured that you get the right quantity of LP Gas that you pay for, and more importantly that you get a safe cylinder that does not compromise the lives of your loved ones.

For an organization to achieve brilliance and to set new standards there is a need to invest in infrastructure. National Gas’s commitment to be the leading energy player in the region has been largely possible due to its constant investment ..
With rising concern for global warming and quest for renewable fuels, it has been our endeavor to innovate on Eco-friendly and more fuel efficient products and services which not only helps our customers to utilize their current capabilities ..
It is said “A person gains expertise through years of hard work and learning” and in National Gas “Our greatest asset is our employee’s expertise” – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication ..
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