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National Gas as an energy company is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing energy solutions that help fuel and fulfill the aspirations of consumers everywhere.

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The Incredible Cutting Gas

National Gas has developed a revolutionary new alternative cutting technology that will change the way metal is cut. Traditionally, cutting of metal sheets has always been done using the oxy-Acetylene mixture. Acetylene is expensive, highly unsafe and damaging to the environment. The NC+ Cutting Gas is a hydrocarbon-based cutting solution that offers unmatched economy on overall cutting cost as compared to acetylene.

NC+ is operator –friendly and safer than acetylene, is also non-toxic and has low back fire tendency. In case of a leak NC+ can be easily detected due to its unique pungent smell. A brief comparison between NC+ and DA (Dissolved Acetylene) is as below.

Description NC+
DA (Dissolved Acetylene)
Shock sensitivity Stable

Explosive limits in air (%)

2.3 – 9.5 

Lower band of inflammability than acetylene

2.5 – 85

High band of flammable zone

Product pressure inside cylinder


Cylinder Design Easy Handling 
No collar thus difficult during handling

Tare weight of cylinder (22kg)

19- 21 kg

Less fatigue in handling compare to Acetylene




1 NC+ cylinder (22kg) replaces 6 Acetylene cylinders.


Inventory is 6 times higher compared to NC+

Burn velocity in oxygen m/sec.



Backfire tendency



 Toxicity Low 
Potential hazard Zone Low


Pipeline transportation is safe

Piping is not advisable. Can only be used through cylinders

Total heat value Kcal/Kg  12030    11932

NC+ is already the preferable  choice of industries likes Steel, Engineering, Mining, Shipping Yards and oilfield services in many countries.

Why NC+


  • 10 times safer than Acetylene because of 10 times lower explosive limits than Acetylene.
  • Low cylinder gas pressure  (6-7 kg/cm2).
  • Low backfire tendency
  • Stable gas


  • Low slag formation.
  • NC+ can easily cut 12 inch (300 mm)thick metal and even more.
  • NC+ cylinders are easier to handle due to lighter weight.


  • Up to 30% cost saving in overall oxy fuel cutting cost.
  • Superior cut finish, narrow kerf formation.
  • Low Oxygen consumption.
  • Reduced cylinder inventory by 5-6times.
  • Reduced logistic cost due to 1cylinder of NC+ replacing  6 cylinders of DA

Key Features

  • Achieves flame temperature of around3100ºC.
  • High penetration.
  • Good cutting speed.
  • Cuts metal of higher thickness effectively.
  • Smooth cutting surface and reduction in slag formation.
  • Clean, narrow kerfs.
  • Low handling and maintenance cost per cylinder.
  • No sooty flame.
  • Low post cut grinding expenses.
  • Reduced metal loss during cutting

The National Gas Edge

National Gas markets NC+ utilizing a franchise model. National Gas will provide technology to the franchisee partner to manufacture the NC+ locally and extend all technical support to the franchisee partner to setup a manufacturing facility, train the operations and sales team to maintain  high quality standards and market NC+  in the franchisee’s local market.

National Gas has developed cutting gas accessories which is more economical and longer lasting . Apart from this,   cutting equipment manufacturers internationally have developed accessories suitable for NC+.

National Gas has successfully implemented NC+ in over 50 different applications as a better  alternative to DA, including manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic methods of cutting.NC+ is capable of other applications such as heating and brazing.

NC+ has presence in Oman, UAE, Qatar,Saudi Arabia and Malaysia and National Gas is aiming to develop NC+ markets  in other Middle East and South East Asian countries.National Gas offers a reliable energy solution for users coupling assured local capabilities with proven global expertise. With our experience and trained personnel we would like to assure our effective, efficient and reliable services always.