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energizing lives

National Gas as an energy company is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing energy solutions that help fuel and fulfill the aspirations of consumers everywhere.

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Bulk LPG

Bulk LPG supply has inherent advantages to industrial users giving them the flexibility and control for using it for multiple applications in an extremely safe manner. Bulk LPG is used extensively by small and medium scale industries like food, ceramic, glass, metal works,dairy and commercial establishments such as hotels and resorts.

LP Gas is the preferred fuel for applications that demand ‘clean burn’ such as boilers, ovens and furnaces in hospitality,food and dairy industry; and for direct firing applications in glass and ceramic industry. LP Gas is superior to liquid fuels for environmental and economic reasons. A brief comparison is as follows:

  • Clean Burn:- LPG burns very efficiently, with very low combustion emissions, hence no carbon deposits on burner and boiler internals; clean Flue gas emission.
  • No Spillage/ No Fumes:- Housekeeping is excellent since unlike Diesel, LPG does not stain floors and create noxious fumes. This is especially critical for food industries such as Dairies, Chocolate and Biscuit manufacturers and Hotels.
  • No Pilferage:- Since LP Gas is stored in a pressurized vessel and utilized vide a closed system, there is no scope for pilferage.
  • Higher Efficiency:-Due to complete combustion, LPG does not leave deposits on heat exchange surfaces, thereby providing higher efficiency of combustion and heat transfer compared to Diesel.

The National Gas Edge

National Gas has the largest fleet of Bulk tankers and bobtails, apart from strategically located Bulk storage spread over the Sultanate for reliable supply to industries that rely on uninterrupted energy availability for their manufacturing activities.

National Gas follows strong internal procedures and systems that not only assure that consistently high quality of LP Gas is supplied to its customers, but also that the scheduling process assures that clients never run out of gas.

Also National Gas has the technical expertise to advice customers on operational and safety issues to ensure that their Bulk installations are maintained at the highest international standards of efficiency and safety that is so critical for a fuel such as LP Gas.

Finally being an established and well proven corporate entity, customers can rest assured of a fruitful relationship that is mutually beneficial in the long term.