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National Gas as an energy company is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing energy solutions that help fuel and fulfill the aspirations of consumers everywhere.

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Aerosol Propellant

LPG by itself is a colorless liquid and a colorless and odorless gas in its vapor form. For reasons of safety, a strong odorant is however deliberately added to the LPG before it leaves the refinery, to make it easily detectable in case of any leakage,however small.

There are some applications of LPG where the odorisation is a distinct disadvantage and it is necessary for the distinct odors to be removed. The main industry where de-odorised LPG, or LPG in its natural odourless form is required is in the aerosol industry, where LPG is considered an ideal ’propellant’.  Aerosol Propellant is used by manufacturers of Pesticides, Air-fresheners, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Spray Paint and Food grade packaging material.

The use of LPG in the aerosol industry has become widespread after other propellants containing CFC were banned worldwide due to their greenhouse effect. Thus the de-odorisation of LPG for such downstream uses has become crucial for the promotion of LPG use.

The National Gas Edge

National Gas has a state of the art Deodorizing Plants in its Rusayl and Madha facilities, where it produces Aerosol Propellant, which is an environment friendly alternative to ozone depleting CFC based propellants. The technology involved in the design of the plant as well as the entire deodorizing process ensures that the resultant product meets the highest standards demanded by multinational producers of consumer products such as spray pesticides, air fresheners, etc.  In order to avoid any possibility of contamination that could compromise the quality of the product, our plant has a completely segregated system comprising of dedicated pipelines, pumps and storage tank. Apart from this, dedicated bobtails are used specifically for delivery of Aerosol Propellant.

Coupled with National Gas’ proven technical expertise,the long standing experience of its engineers and the infrastructure, Aerosol Propellant users can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality product in an efficient and safe manner.