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energizing lives

National Gas as an energy company is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing energy solutions that help fuel and fulfill the aspirations of consumers everywhere.

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National Gas Company was set up with a vision to meet LP Gas consumption need in the region. During the late 1970’s, the need to set up a local bottling plant was prompted by the problems faced by the local gas dealers, who had to travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to collect cylinders.Moreover there were frequent shortages due to Omani dealers being given last priority. Our first Chairman, Mr. Mohd Abdul Rasool Al Jamali, a true visionary, was instrumental in setting up the National Gas Company. 

In 1981: NGC started its operations;

Between 1987 till 2003: NGC set up seven LPG bottling plants at strategic locations;

In 2005: NGC started Aerosol Propellant Gas production and sale to customers;

In 2006: NGC started its export LP Gas Business to UAE;

In 2008: NGC pioneered the first SNG system in Oman;

In 2008: NGC started Cutting Gas business in Oman;

In 2009: NGC formed its 100% subsidiary arm “NGC Energy FZE” in the UAE;

In 2009: NGC set up the first integrated township gas system in Sohar, Oman.

In 2010: NGC started Cutting Gas business internationally in the UAE & other countries thereafter;

In 2010: NGC commenced D Cylinder business in Oman;

In 2011: NGC set up the largest SNG system for a major international steel plant in Saudi Arabia.

In 2012: NGC  acquired Shell’s LPG Business in West Malaysia